Deluxe New Snowcat Passenger Carriers!

In our continual effort to up the quality of the guest experience here at Island Lake Catskiing, we have new deluxe passenger carriers.  They are sure to impress even the most seasoned catskier!  Our team spent months designing and and overseeing the construction of these new units.  They are amazingly comfortable, with buckets seats, have a great sound system and a number of other unique features.  Add these new passenger carries to PistenBully 400s and you have a machine that will go almost anywhere… in style! Some of the distinctive characteristics include:

Improved comfort

o   Increase in width and height, more spacious

o   Contoured seating

o   Significantly quieter, fully sound insulated

o   Larger windows with better visibility

o   Windows that slide open for improved air flow

o   Side window defrosters to reduce ice build up

o   Centrally located and fully accessible controls (sound, lights, heaters, fans)

o   Food and drink stations more conveniently located and more accessible

o   Improved sound system including sub woofer

Lighter weight materials, nearly ½ les s weight

o   Improved climbing of steeper roads when conditions make snowcat travel challenging

o   Improved fuel mileage


o   Additional railings to facilitate entry and departure of passenger cabs

o   Driver’s backup camera

o   Intercom between passenger cab and driver

o   Rubberized, non slip flooring

We can’t wait for you to experience the next level of snowcat comfort.  Here are a few photos.

New Cats-38 New Cats-39 New Cats-63 New Cats-71 New Cats-82 New Cats-83 New Cats-90 New Cats-98 New Cats-123 New Cats-141


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