The Island Lake Photo Team

Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. Here at Island Lake, we have some of the best professional photographers in the region: Mark Gallup, Matt Kuhn and Nick Nault. Each of them has a unique eye and aesthetic that helps to capture the essence of our surroundings. The backdrops are grand, but action sport photography may be the most difficult type. Shooting skiing and snowboarding through the trees with ever-changing light and weather takes years of practice to reach proficiency.  On one day of each tour, one of our pros accompany the guests out into the terrain and capture a few hundred images which are displayed at the end of the day during Après.

Mark Gallup @markgallup – If you saw any ski or snowboard magazine in the ‘90s, you have no doubt seen Mark’s work. He is the only photographer to ever be staff at both Powder and Transworld magazines. He has travelled the world and has had thousands of photos published. His many photos of some of the industries top icons helped put Island Lake on the map. Now based in Fernie BC, we are honoured to have him as one of our in-house staff photographers.

Matt Kuhn @mkuhnphoto – Matt is the boisterous oddball of the photography team; an avid snowboarder and snowmobiler in the winter, paired with motorbikes and random adventures all summer. He’s been in Fernie for 16 years and has created a business through his stylised photography, earning his living from the profession for the past 8 years.

Nick Nault @nick.nault – Nick grew up with a passion for skiing and the magazines, videos and other media that surrounded it. After moving to Fernie and taking up mountain biking, Nick quickly grew to love all the other aspects of outdoor recreation as well. While he started by just casually snapping photos of his adventures with a point-and-shoot, it wasn’t long before his casual hobby became another passion. Over the years, Nick spent less time at his ‘real job’ and more time behind the lens and getting paid for it. Currently, Nick is a full-time videographer and photographer, specializing primarily in action sports. He has worked at Island Lake since 2012 as a ski photographer where he is able to combine two of his passions into a day of work. Nick has also helped film many of Island Lake’s videos.

Photo: Matt Kuhn

Photo: Mark Gallup

Photo: Nick Nault

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