The Superheroes of the Maintenance Team

Operating four lodges in the backcountry is no easy feat. The lodgeistics of keeping the operation going day to day is truly impressive. The constant flow of food, supplies, staff, guests and everything in between keeps everyone on their toes. The maintenance department is tasked with keeping the buildings in tip-top shape, making sure all equipment is running and being maintained, as well as getting everything and everyone up and down from the lodge safely. Though they do all of this in the background and are not as visible as other departments, their efforts are essential. When issues arise, they spring into action and deal with the problem – often at less than ideal times and in bad weather. If you see the maintenance crew around, make sure to give them a high five.

The team consists of:

Andrew Brown / Operations Manager – Andrew has been with the lodge for 14 years. As a ski industry veteran with a background as a millwright, Andrew brings an expertise to many different aspects of the department. His even-keeled personality lends a sense of calm when things go awry.


Dave Henderson / Head Mechanic – Dave is originally from Australia but has been fully Canadianized with his love of cold weather, moose and shredding pow. He has been with the lodge for 20 years. Dave keeps the lodges operational and is constantly fixing and maintaining all things mechanical.


Laura McCoy / Maintenance / Shuttle Driver – Laura has been with the lodge for 13 years. She can be found taking care of all the things that keep the place humming. Food deliveries, shuttling staff by snowcat, landscaping and dealing with all the unexpected issues that arise almost daily.


Peter Rosendahl / Building Maintenance – Originally from Sweden, Peter has been with the lodge for 14 years. He takes care of building maintenance. Log buildings in a very snowy environment need a lot of love! Peter loves biking, golfing and shredding powder.


Kevin Harel / Building Maintenance Helper – Kevin is the newest member of the team and has been with the operation for 10 months. He is dedicated to helping with maintenance around the property, which includes a diverse range of tasks.


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