All guests participate in a safety briefing on the first morning of their visit. This includes instructions on the use of the avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel as well as procedures for avalanche rescue and general backcountry safety tips.


Every guest is supplied with a Mammut Barryvox Pulse Transceiver. For more information on the Pulse Transceiver visit the Mammut website. Try the interactive Barryvox training exerciseIL_W11_0314_AW_006

Important Note: Electronic equipment, metals and magnets such as radios, cellular phones, cameras, music players, GPS, battery packs of any type, etc., may interfere with the performance of your avalanche transceiver. Island Lake Catskiing recommends that you only carry electronic devices that are essential while skiing. We also require that any electronic devices that you bring skiing, be separated from your avalanche transceiver. Your guide will give you instructions on how to carry and use your transceiver in order to avoid interference.

Avalanche Airbag

Avalanche Airbags are not required at Island Lake Catskiing. If a guest chooses to use an Avalanche Airbag they can be rented in Fernie at The Guides Hut (phone 1-888-843-4885) or at the Gear Hub (phone 1.250.423.5555). Be sure to phone ahead of time to reserve.

Guest Packs

Every guest is supplied with a pack containing an avalanche probe and shovel. Although emphasis is often placed on the use of avalanche transceivers, avalanche probes and shovels also play an important role in rescue. To learn more about avalanche rescue including probing and shovelling techniques visit the Canadian Avalanche Centre online course