Here at Island Lake Lodge, we recognize our staff are an integral part of our business and indeed a large family.  They are the foundation on which we are able to operate and we consider them an essential part of our brand and story. As with the exceptional guest experience we provide, we also strive to deliver an amazing experience for our staff. Our shared passion for mountain culture helps us inspire each other as well as our guests. Continued education and self-improvement are encouraged, as is creative and out-of-the-box thinking. We aim to make Island Lake Lodge both an inspiring place to work and to visit, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit this special valley in the Lizard Range of the Rocky Mountains.

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A Few Quotes from our Staff:

Marie-Hélène Jodoin / Snowcat Driver and Trail Crew – “Working for Island Lake Lodge is not only working in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains, a lake, creeks, wildlife and the beautiful old growth forest. It’s also working with amazing people with who you share the same passions for life and adventures. I feel very fortunate to work in this beautiful family. Island Lake also makes sure we work and play in a safe and fun environment and that we keep learning and pushing ourselves in a professional way. I’ve had the chance to do things I would’ve never had the chance to do anywhere else.”

Katie Hamar / Sales and Event Coordinator – “Island Lake Lodge is an amazing place to work for many reasons. Its incredible surrounding wilderness environment allows for panoramic mountain views and a serene backdrop to a work day. Employees are given free catskiing days several times each winter, which is the best perk according to most. Staff members receive a delicious, well-rounded meal each shift. Uniforms are high-quality The North Face and employees are gifted many of the pieces. Steep discounts on other partner brands, spa treatments, lodge retail, overnight stays and restaurant discounts are also provided. Employees are deeply valued and respected through a culture of teamwork, thorough training and sustainability. A longevity program is in place offering long-term staff an amazing all-expenses-paid trip every two years.”

Samual Locke / Dishwasher and Kitchen Helper “The thing that stands out the most to me about working at Island Lake is the deep respect between everyone, starting from the top down. Everyone takes the time to get to know you and to say hello everyday, and to keep you informed. You really like and integral part of the team. I don’t think many dishwashers out there know their CEO’s on a first name basis, or get avalanche safety training.. I think that’s pretty cool. Did I mention the view?”

Rebecca Stark / Dining Room Server “I feel very lucky to be able to say I work at island lake and I love to list all the amazing perks they happily do for their staff. Things such as ensuring everybody is able to experience catskiing, giving gifts to every colleague, making sure all staff members are well fed during their shift, publicly acknowledging and rewarding staff members when they have exceeded expectations; the list goes on and on. It is very clear that the management working for island lake has a fierce passion to not only work together to do their best but also strive to ensure the guests and staff have the best possible experience every year and for future years to come. Island lake is one of those rare companies where they simply tick all of the boxes.”

Caitlin Bates / Reservations Manager – “I’ve never worked for a company that puts so much emphasis on employee satisfaction and training. Island Lake goes above and beyond to ensure that every staff member is trained thoroughly before each season begins regardless of whether they have been with the company for 15 years or are just beginning. This creates a bond between staff members from the beginning, and also reassures everyone that safety and teamwork is at the forefront of everything we do. The perks of the job are great, but the continued focus on employees throughout the year is what impresses me the most. Being in the Island Lake team is like being a part of a big family where different backgrounds, ages and interests all come together to deliver an amazing experience for the guests and employees.”

Mike McPhee / Director of Sales and Marketing – “The allure of Island Lake and the mountain culture it represents lured me to the mountains a couple decades ago. I have been very fortunate to be part of a remarkable team with shared values. The owner and upper management have not just allowed creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, but actively encourage it. I have never witnessed such passion and dedication from a company to its employees or vice versa.”

Shaun Gannon / Front Desk – “Island Lake is an inspiring place to work! As staff, we are well-trained, organized and offer an experience to guests to the highest standard, winter or summer. As part of the ILL team, we help each other and consistently look to improve what we do and who we are.”

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